Manchester 10k


Written by Nasra Omar

The Great Manchester Run hosted yet another 10k run on Sunday 20th of May in Manchester City Centre where our Inspired/CCS team members took part in a fund-raising charity event supporting, Beechwood Charity. Founded in 1990, Beechwood is a cancer care centre based in Stockport who are an established and growing charity. Beechwood Charity is one we’ve supported at Inspired/CCS for many years now, because of their sincere values and absolute dedication to helping those who often need support, advice or even a friendly chat! They don’t get enough recognition for their achievements compared to larger national charities, which is one reason why we support them. We love to give them the acknowledgement and backing they deserve and it’s always great to get behind a respected local charity and be part of the community!

Inspired/CCS joined 30,000 other fundraisers taking part in the charity run. It was a successful turnout with many supporters.


image 5Meet some of our team members involved (left to right) Paul Brogan, Andy Leigh, Paul Lewis and Andy Hartley.

The atmosphere on Sunday was buzzing; full of smiling, friendly faces filled with anticipation when getting ready for their run. The support and encouragement from bystanders created a positive vibe, making it an event that gave our team a sense of fulfillment doing a selfless good deed. The glaring sun made it a little unbearable at 24 degrees, however the team pulled through and they each finished the race at great times! Andy Leigh completed the run at 53 mins, Andy Hartley- 55 mins, Luke Shannon- 1hr 5mins and Paul Brogan- 1hr 5 mins! Overall, the Inspired/CCS team raised an amazing, £760!



The guys celebrate with cool beverages after running in the heat. (left to right) Paul Brogan, Luke Shannon, Andy Hartley and Andy Leigh


Beechwood offer help and guidance to cancer patients as well as those who suffer from other life limiting diseases. They also offer support for the family members involved, to come to terms with the situation and how to deal with the emotional and physical effects of cancer or other illnesses. The Beechwood volunteers are a strong team who are tremendously experienced and educated in how to take care of their patients and their families too.

You can donate to the Beechwood Charity HERE

Furthermore, if you would like to get into contact with Beechwood Charity, give them a call on 0161 476 0384 or alternatively you can email them: